Country TV is the brain child of Tariq Dunstan.

Tariq was born in November 1988 and grew up in the Hertfordshire countryside town of ‘Hitchin. Coming from strong Jamaican roots, meant that he was surrounded by a rich and diverse range of music and culture influences from a young age resulting in a true love of music; especially reggae and bashment. Tariq pulled together a small team of people and went on to form the Country TV Channel in early 2012.

Tariq attended Hitchin Boys School where he first developed his drive and interest in business. Following his secondary education, Tariq went on to study at North Hertfordshire college in Stevenage, where he began to make a wider network of friends and went on to notice a wealth of underground local talent. His strong belief in these artist lead to the conception and birth of Country TV.

The driving force behind the launch of the Country TV channel comes from Tariq’s strong desire to unleash and promote the hugely talented people he meets on a day-to-day basis.  “Country TV gives artists a platform from which to showcase work that may otherwise go un-noticed. Whilst it continues to encourage talented people to believe in what they do. It also gives the country TV viewer a window into the lives and work of the British underground creative’s”.

Tariq, aka Tee, is a sound easygoing person that’s not afraid to speak his mind. Don’t ask his opinion if there’s a chance you may not like the answer. He loves to joke about and is known for his ability to mimic different accents. He has very strong views on the world and gets pretty heated when watching world affairs. His biggest drive comes for wanting to succeed for his family. With two beautiful daughters to help keep him motivated, Tariq is pretty much unstoppable right now. He also has those days when he doesn’t feel as invincible – and being his own worst critic means that there’s no one harder on him than himself.

Tariq believes that, “to truly appreciate success, you have to have experienced failure”. He also believes that you can learn the most by listening to your elders.